About Us

We are affiliated to various bodies and comply to all government regulations.


Our Promise

  • To provide high quality work and excellent service for your fume extraction and L.E.V. equipment.
  • All work and documentation guaranteed to the very highest standard.
  • All work and documentation fully compliant with the relevant engineering and safety standards.
  • Effective and practical solutions to fume and dust extraction problems.
  • All work carried out at very competitive prices

Quality Assured

Air-Qual Ltd guarantees quality through every stage of the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedure for your fume extraction and local exhaust ventilation ( L.E.V. ) equipment.

Comprehensive reports will be provided after every inspection and validation.

These reports will include comprehensive detailed maintenance inspection sheets, performance readings, inspection summary and recommendations to rectify any performance weaknesses.
All the findings and recommendations can be discussed in a follow up site visit.

Full inspection information and COSHH documentation is provided after every inspection.

Air-Qual Ltd only uses high quality component parts.

Air-Qual Ltd has an established network of high quality component suppliers.